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By Oly Whelan

In July 2009 my Dad, Paul Whelan, was diagnosed with Idiopathic Pulmonary Fibrosis, a disease at the time we knew very little about.

On further research we found that knowledge of this disease was very limited even amongst the Medical profession. Once diagnosed with IPF, mortality rate is considerably low. This has devastating effects for all those close to the person living with IPF, and often feels like living with a shadow above your head, not knowing how long you have left with those closest to you.

However, we were very fortunate to receive notice of a clinical trial of a new drug that had been developed to keep the symptoms at bay. My Dad was lucky enough to be involved in this clinical trial and I believe this drug is a large part of the fact that he is still with us today.

It was research that led to the development of this drug and I wholeheartedly believe that if we can raise more money and awareness for IPF, this will lead to more research and a better understanding of the disease and hopefully one day eventually develop a cure.

I took part in an event called Tough Mudder in October 2013.

Oly Whelen

Tough Mudder is an obstacle course that spans roughly 10-12 miles. The course is designed to test all round strength, stamina, team work and mental fortitude. It is said to be ‘probably’ the toughest event on the planet.

Some of the obstacles involved included; Arctic enema, electric eel and mud mile.

The whole course took me 3.5 hours to complete and I can honestly say it was one of the most exhausting but rewarding events I have taken part in.

Tough Mudder is an annual event with Courses across the World. I am hoping to compete again in the near future, but challenge myself to compete in multiple courses in the same year.”