Steven Day

Steve, 62yrs, and his wife Michelle have four children and three grandchildren, two boys and a girl. They live in Bradford and he received the diagnosis of IPF in October 2017.

On Diagnosis

When I received the diagnosis I was speechless and numb. After a few weeks of digesting the news I felt I had to break the news to our children and grandchildren. This was one of the hardest things I had to do. The children were upset and the grandchildren were at an age where they couldn’t understand the full implications of the illness. This was compounded by the fact that no-one, including myself and my wife, had ever heard about this condition.

I have now come to terms with the illness and I have to think positive. I have good and bad days. After a good few months I am now having more good days and this is all down to my family and friends being there for me. I have pulmonary rehab twice a week and continue with this at home – a new hobby e that takes my mind off the disease.

The Five P’s

My advice is talk to people; friends professionals or anyone whose been through something similar. Always keep in the back of your mind the five P’s: Prioritise, Plan, Pace, Positioning, Purse – lip breathing.


I believe we need more understanding and funding for this illness. The support group in the Bradford area is essential to educate and support people with this debilitating disease.