Living with Pulmonary Fibrosis

It can be frightening for you and your family when living with pulmonary fibrosis. The sections below are there to guide and help you.

  • Support Line

    Call us on 01223 785725 if you need information or advice on living with pulmonary fibrosis.

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  • How can I help myself?

    There are various ways you can help yourself and control when living with pulmonary fibrosis, such as healthy eating, exercise and stopping smoking.

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  • Coping with breathlessness

    Breathlessness can be a very frightening and distressing symptom of pulmonary fibrosis. It is important that you learn how to minimise, cope and manage this symptom.

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  • Oxygen

    Most people with pulmonary fibrosis experience breathlessness. This is usually first noticed during exercise and may be relieved by using oxygen.

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  • Travelling

    It’s important to carry on doing the things you like, to have a holiday or visit friends or family and leave the home. It is possible that with organisation and planning you can do this.

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  • Hoping for the best, planning for the worst

    Here you can read a really informative talk which was given by Respiratory Specialist Nurse, Annette Duck.

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  • Personal stories

    Pulmonary fibrosis can be devastating and affect so many lives. You can read personal stories here from people who have been affected by IPF.

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