Plymouth Pulmonary Fibrosis Support Group

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Plymouth Pulmonary Fibrosis Support Group

The support group welcomes all patients, relatives,carers and friends affected by Pulmonary Fibrosis. Please come along for a coffee/tea and a chat. Support groups are a great way to gain information relevant to your condition and to meet others who have similar problems and experiences.

On 22nd March, Sandra Smith (Singing Coach) attended the group to give a presentation about how singing can support the respiratory system. Sandra has a good knowledge of the fundamental workings of the diaphragm, lungs and ribcage plus lots of experience in teaching people how to breathe correctly. below is a picture of the day.

Future meetings will be Bi-monthly on the 4th Thursday of the month 1.30-3.00pm with invited guests.

Next meeting 22nd November:

Speaker -Healthwatch

“The Lost Sound” Dartmoor Folk Choir

On Saturday 24th November 2018 the Dartmoor Folk Choir, on their 10th birthday, will perform at Emmanuel Church raising funds for the Plymouth Pulmonary Fibrosis Support Group.