Manchester Support Group

The Manchester Support Group

The Manchester group meets approximately every two months at the University Hospital South Manchester.

At each meeting there is a talk from an NHS professional – a dietician or a physio – about keeping fit and healthy.

There is always lots of time for a general chat – in groups or one-to-one with patients and their families and carers about any problems they may be facing. Over tea, coffee and biscuits, the group members share their experience of the disease, how they cope and the effect it has on their lives. This part of the meeting is very popular and most people find it very supportive.

There are people at varying stages of the disease – some just starting to cope and those at the worse end of the disease. One of the group’s main aims is to keep people in a positive frame of mind with the thought foremost in their minds that a cure will be found.

Everyone leaves the meeting happier and more positive then when they entered.