East and North Hertfordshire ILD Support Group

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East and North Hertfordshire ILD Support Group

The first meeting for the group was held on 9th March 2017. Laura Bygrave and Alison Stirton-Croft (Respiratory Physiotherapists) chaired the meeting and Dr Chong (Respiratory Physician) gave a talk on ILD. Stephen McPartland the MP for Stevenage provided an introduction to the day and Karen Hughes (Chair of the Trustees Action for Pulmonary Fibrosis) gave a talk about the charity Action for Pulmonary Fibrosis. Steve Jones (Trustee APF) and Malcolm Mason (members of the Papworth group) gave an overview of what a support group is. Members of the British Lung Foundation also joined the group and gave a talk about how they support patients. It was a very successful day and enjoyed by all.

If you have an interstitial lung disease and are interested in joining/attending the group you are very welcome to join, your family and friends/carers are also very welcome. Please contact the organisers at the pulmonary Rehabilitation team for the next meeting date.

What is it?

A focus group for people with Interstitial Lung Disease (e.g. IPF, COP, NSIP)

An opportunity to meet like minded people with a similar diagnosis

A chance for discussion over refreshments

For any further information or to sign up please call the Pulmonary Rehabilitation Team on 01462 478783