Annette Duck

Annette has worked as a Respiratory Specialist Nurse since she returned to nursing in 1993 having taken an 11 year break to have 3 children.

During this time she has worked in the North West Lung Centre at the University Hospital of South Manchester Foundation Trust in a variety of respiratory posts including bronchoscopy, non-invasive ventilation, lung transplantation, clinical trials and started ‘helping out’ in the newly established ILD clinic in 1995. In 2000, with the prospect of the upcoming clinical trials in IPF, Annette started working all her part-time hours in ILD.

Getting to know her patients and their problems she developed protocols that aimed at supporting patients with ILD in particular by getting ambulatory oxygen before it was routinely available under the NHS oxygen service and by linking up with her hospital palliative care services to learn from them.

Annette is passionate about raising awareness about the need for research and properly funded support services for patients with ILD. With 20 years’ experience of nursing patients with ILD Annette continues to raise awareness among nurses by writing articles and teaching at every opportunity.