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A Daughter’s Love by Beth Macnab

Beth Macnab lost her Pa in 2016 to pulmonary fibrosis and has written a book to remember him and raise awareness of the disease. This is her story.

“After I lost my dearest Pa, to Pulmonary Fibrosis, in October 2016, I felt a compelling need to write a book about him and our stories! It was for two purposes; to keep memories alive of this awesome man, whom I was blessed enough to have as my Dad, and to try to raise funds for Action for Pulmonary Fibrosis.

Beth and her Pa on her wedding day

It is definitely not a sad book and has been a true labour of love! To the contrary, Pa really was hilarious, a renowned prankster and had a cracking approach to life. As such, I hope I have managed to portray that ‘Pa’ essence and that reading about Pa’s antics will give people a good giggle and add smiles to their day!

Primarily the story tells of the love and bond between a father and daughter. Over the following painful months, after losing Pa, I realised the extent of comfort that could be gained from the surfacing of dozens of joyful memories of our intertwined lives. Behind Pa’s formidable stature and presence there lay a mischievous, extremely funny man. All who knew him were aware that his wry smile inevitably acted as a precursor to some comedic comment or practical joke.

Pa fulfilled many roles, during his life, including being an MI1 Codebreaking Agent, in the Intelligence Corps of Secret Services, in Poland, during the Cold War and was also a Methodist Minister for over 50 years. However, to me, his most important role was simply that of being my beloved Pa.

As previously mentioned, it is not a sad book about losing people we love. Rather, it leads us to realisation of the truth that however deep our grief, our loved ones can always remain alive, in our minds, through the gift of shared memories of happy times, love and laughter. The book also provides welcome nostalgia for simpler times, for anyone who grew up or was a parent in the era of the 1970s and 1980s.

It is Andrew and Beth’s story…….

I had not even heard of Pulmonary Fibrosis before Dad got his diagnosis, let alone knew of its symptoms or the invaluable support that Action for Pulmonary Fibrosis provides for people. The sad irony is that I discovered the charity too late to help my Pa, in spite of one of their offices being based in his home city of Lichfield. I needed to rectify my oversight as I wish so much that I could have put Dad in touch with such a caring and positive organisation.

Beth, her Pa and her Mum, Ida

Immediately after Dad died my daughter and I fundraised for APF by doing a sponsored silence and passing on donations from people who attended his funeral. For those people who know my daughter and me, they will know that a sponsored silence was a major challenge for a pair of complete chatterboxes like us! We were delighted with people’s generosity of sponsorship but when it was all over I knew I wanted to do more! Hence, I included these words in promotion of my book – ‘Even if you just buy it to use as a door- stopper or to prop up a wobbly table leg I will be eternally grateful, as profits go to Pa’s Charity – ‘Action for Pulmonary Fibrosis’.

They do great work supporting people diagnosed with this disease and I cannot imagine they that get much of a look-in, in terms of funding, amongst the big, well-known charities out there.

All of my contact with APF has been supportive and kind. You get a feeling that the staff genuinely understand what it is like for individuals and their families who live with the effects of Pulmonary Fibrosis on a daily basis. It is so important for me to support Action for Pulmonary Fibrosis because they focus on living life, which is exactly what my Pa did. He drove literally up to the day he was admitted in to hospital and nothing could eradicate his sense of humour! People should know about this disease and research in to it deserves to get the same level of funding as cancer and heart disease prevention.

Beth’s book about her Pa – A Daughter’s Love

Should you wish to help me raise funds for Action for Pulmonary Fibrosis, to continue their vital work, a brand new First Edition book will be personalised to you and signed by the author, Beth Macnab. Please get in contact with APF by emailing and they will pass on your details to me. Many thanks.”

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