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Inspiring lecture programme delivered by APF and ILD Network for nurses

The first three months of this year have seen the roll out of the inspiring lecture programme delivered by the ILD-INN network and is the latest example of the very special and enduring partnership between them and Action for Pulmonary Fibrosis.

With funding from Roche to support the programme, lectures have now been delivered by senior committee members of the ILD-INN (The Interstitial Lung Disease Interdisciplinary Nurse Network) to enthusiastic groups of pratice and community nurses in 7 locations around the country from Stockport to Bournemouth – with further sessions planned in more than 16 locations nationally.

The lectures deliver highly-specialised and informative information about how to detect and recognise early symptoms of IPF in patients presenting to their GPs for the first time with what can often appear to be a chest infection or persistent asthma.

The presentations delivered by the ILD specialist nurse committee feature vital facts and latest research info to help practice and community nurses to spot early symptoms and thereby speed up time to and accurate IPF diagnosis. This helps to make sure that IPF patients can start on their treatment pathway at the earliest possible opportunity.

Here are just a few of the quotes fed back to us from nurses attending lectures around the country who have clearly not only gained great knowledge from such experts but also thoroughly enjoyed the process!

To Geraldine Burge, Chair of ILD-INN:-

“It was a super talk you gave yesterday, so thank you, very much! I did have some nurses specifically come to say how good it was at the end.
It is great when you get someone who is not only knowledgeable but enthusiastic and able give such clarity to an area of respiratory conditions which otherwise, at least to me, has this mysterious aura about it”.

To APF:-

“I just wanted to thank you for sponsoring Geraldine to speak at our respiratory group in Basingstoke last night. She is a brilliant ambassador and speaker for ILD.
I had more than one nurse say to me at the end not only how good but informative they had found the session”.

To Sarah Agnew, Committee Member:-

“We love Sarah, her talks are always brilliant and she has SO much knowledge!! And she really doesn’t mind you ringing or emailing”!!

“Great wasn’t it”.

“OMG how fabby wabby was that talk last night”?

“If I lent any further forward in my chair I would have ended up on the floor”.

Both APF and ILD-INN plan to continue with the programme beyond the end of 2017 and for as long as there is interest from the primary care community.

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