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Patient Councils being set up by Healthcare at Home

Healthcare at Home is establishing an independent Patient Council to give patients a voice and opportunity to comment on the business’ decision making.

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This is a great opportunity for you, as a pulmonary fibrosis patient, to have your say.

The first meeting is taking place on the 02 April in London from 10am-1pm, where Natalie Douglas (CEO), and other senior executives will be present. Patients in the Council will have the opportunity to attend two three hour meetings a year in central London (with the first taking place on the 02 April).

The council will be formed by 20 patient representatives who have a condition that Healthcare at Home covers in their home medical delivery and clinical services.

As a member of the Patient Council you will:

  • Attend two meetings each year (March/early April and October), based in London with the Healthcare at Home executive board
  • Be happy to make suggestions on how Healthcare at Home could better meet the needs of patients
  • Have an understanding of the medical homecare market
  • Be happy to hear from us (Aurora on behalf of Healthcare at Home) occasionally between meetings and contribute to meeting agendas and to provide feedback

with your name and telephone number and any other details to register your interest. We will then put forward your details to Healthcare at Home.


PDF buttonPlease click here to download a PDF with more information on the Healthcare at Home Patient Council

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