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Bumper cheque from Hull IPF Support Group

We are thrilled and honoured to have received a wonderful donation of £2,000 from the Hull IPF Support Group.

Mark Major 2

From left to right: Specialist Respiratory Nurse Mark Major, Wendy Dickinson and Dr Simon Hart, consultant physician.

The – literally! – bumper cheque was presented to our trustee, Wendy Dickinson, by Specialist Respiratory Nurse Mark Major and Dr Simon Hart, consultant physician.

Wendy says: “ I visited the Hull group last week to give them an update on the work of Action for Pulmonary Fibrosis. At the end of my talk, Mark produced this enormous cheque and I can honestly say I was lost for words. Any donation and fundraising on behalf of the charity is wonderful but for it to come from a support group it is extra special.”

And Mark added: “ We raised the money over the past year in all sorts of ways – we have had raffles, cake stalls, donations from directly from patients, money in memory of patients. We’ve sold wristbands and t-shirts and one member, Veronica, makes and sells cards at the meeting and at other events for us. I even attended the local Women’s Institute last night to learn about scarf tying…and to receive a cheque from them, from fund raising they have done. One of their members has IPF. That particular member also makes and sells bags and has raised £300 so far. Its amazing really, the generosity out there.”

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