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  • Leaflet - our general charity information leaflet

    This leaflet is A5. It has information about Action for Pulmonary Fibrosis, pulmonary fibrosis, our achievements and goals.

    Download our charity leaflet
  • Poster - for use in specialist centres

    This is to signpost patients and families to our charity. This poster also has space to put in the details of your local pulmonary fibrosis support group.

    Download our poster
  • Leaflet - for newly diagnosed patients

    This tri-fold leaflet is to give to people who have just been diagnosed and to signpost them to our charity and tell them how we can help. This leaflet is useful to hand to patients who need help in the initial stages of diagnosis and in understanding the disease.

    Download our newly diagnosed leaflet
  • Flyer - for nurses and for anyone who wants to set up a support group

    This A5 flyer promotes our nurse training lectures series with ILD INN and explains how we can help set up a support group

    Download our flyer
  • EU-IPFF Realise, Recognise, Refer poster

    An APF branded poster for you to print off about early diagnosis of IPF

    Download the Realise, Recognise, Refer poster
  • EU-IPFF IPF Diagnostic Path infographic

    An APF branded infographic you to print off about the IPF Diagnostic Path infographic

    Download the IPF Diagnostic Path infographic
  • Listen for the Sounds of IPF

    There is a variety of useful materials from the Listen to the Sounds of IPF campaign such as posters, note cards and infographics. We can provide laminated hard copies of A4 poster and A4 infographic.

    View the campaign page & materials
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